Because of the coronavirus, the Polish government introduced nationwide special precautionary measures. From Friday the 13th until at least April 26 all institutions, cultural venues like cinemas, museums and theatres, across all of Poland. So all Kraków's tourist attractions and cultural institutions will be closed until at least April 26. Read more about coronavirus in Krakow

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In connection with coronavirus spread in Poland, further restrictions has been more

Polish Jurassic Highland

Polish Jurassic Highland

Polish Jurassic Highland is a region that consist of limestone rocks, cliffs, valleys and caves that originated in Late Jurassic epoch. It stretches between Krakow and Czestochowa and creates an unusual ecosystem in which completely opposite plants coexist. ...

The entrance and garden of the castle in Pieskowa Skala

Pieskowa Skala

The castle in Pieskowa Skala has a long history as part of the Eagles’ Nests Trail. It is also one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in Poland with tradition as a seat of several noble families. Located just 40 km from Krakow Old Town and...

Ruins of Ogrodzeniec Caslte on Eagles' Nest Trail

Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Trail of the Eagles’ Nests comprises of 25 medieval castles that were built to secure the sout...

Where is Auschwitz location?

Location of the most important museum of Holocaust in the world remains still unknown for many peop...