A practical guide to weather in Krakow

When to visit Krakow?

One of the many advantages of visiting Poland is that here every season of the year has its charm. Winters can be harsh, summers are sometimes really hot, but overall weather in Poland is wonderful. Although Krakow is located near the mountainside, the weather in Krakow is very similar to anywhere else in the country.

Weather in Krakow is the most encouraging during summer and winter. In December, you will have opportunity to see all the Main Square filled with stalls selling christmas presents.

Weather in Krakow during wintertime can be harsh, but the beautiful Christmas market on the Main Market Square will soon make you forget about the cold!

The charm of winter

The average temperature in winter is around -5°C. In January or February temperatures can sometimes be really low and reach even -15°C, but it is really rare. If it happens, the beautiful clear sky and the sun shining compensate the cold. The biggest advantage of winter weather in Poland is that every year there are more than satisfactory amounts of snow falling.

Christmastime is always a good idea for a trip to Krakow. Although the days are shorter and autumn turns into winter, the weather in Krakow is still not too bad! Even if it rains and there is more and more ground frost in the mornings, the charm of Christmas is overwhelming. Streets are decorated with fairy lights and Christmas trees. Through December the Main Square houses Christmas market. Mulled wine served there will surely warm you after a full day of sightseeing!

Summer weather in Krakow

Weather in Poland may be capricious. July and August are the hottest months with the most sunny days. On the other hand, during those days city is full of tourists.

Weather in Poland can be capricious. July and August are the hottest months with the sunniest days. On the other hand, during those days city is full of tourists.

Summer is the most popular time of the year to visit Krakow. The weather is the most pleasant, with long sunny days and high temperatures. It has its disadvantages though. In June, July and August it can get really hot, with temperatures rising to above 30°C. It is also the time when restaurants are crowded and lines to enter museums long.

Choosing to visit Krakow in May or in September is still a very good idea. The temperatures are a bit lower and there are not that many tourists in the city. Coming to Krakow in a little less popular time and in less favourable weather conditions may be also an opportunity to observe the change of seasons. The heather valleys in Tatra mountains in March and April are breathtaking. Also in September and October, it is a wonderful idea to look at the first yellow leaves of autumn.

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