Weather in Krakow – practical guide

Polish weather can be capricious and surprising, but this is what makes it have its unique charm. Sometimes there are a lot of sunny days without any precipitation, sometimes there is light rain and another time a wind speed is very high and the sky is cloudy. So remember, it is better to check a day forecast, to be ready for every Poland weather. Even cloudy sky, the people are always smiling.

One of the many advantages of visiting Kraków is that here every season of the year has its charm. Winters can be harsh and partly unpleasant, summers are sometimes really hot and sunny, but overall weather in Poland is wonderful. 

Although Krakow is located near the mountainside, the weather in Krakow is quite similar to anywhere else in the country. Of course, the winter is more severe than near the Baltic Sea, and summer is quite warmer. Precipitation and humidity are rather similar, but due to the proximity of mountains, we have frequent strong wind and pressure fluctuations. Usually, we have


The city offers plenty of attractions throughout the year. It is therefore worth visiting this area at any time of the year. There is no denying that sightseeing is more enjoyable on sunny and warm days, and so in spring, sunny summer and early autumn. During this time, tourist traffic is usually much higher than in the rest of the year. In addition, in early spring, winter and late autumn the air in Krakow is not the cleanest. Smog, which remains high during this period, is a threat to everyone, especially people with asthma and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, when going to the capital of Malopolska in the autumn or winter, we recommend getting special anti-smog masks, which eliminate about 99% of dangerous pollution. Mostly when there is a moderate wind speed and the sky is full of clouds, sometimes it’s hard to breathe, mostly in the afternoon.


The average temperature in winter is about -5°C. If you want to spend the winter in there, be sure to pack a hat and a warm sweater. The climate can be capricious, and the dampness can get on your nose. Days are so short so that at 16:00 there is dark and the visibility is not so good. Usually, there is light rain or high humidity. The best chance to see all monuments is rather before 15:00.

Krakow christmas market winter


December is a bit colder, with an average temperature of -3°C. At night the temperature is usually below 0°C, while during the day, when the sun shines in the sky, it is really pleasant, and the temperature even reaches about 8°C. Snow in December is not very frequent, but sometimes it makes a nice surprise for Christmas, and light flakes of white fluff falling from the sky, but in small amounts. Precipitation and snow showers are more frequent. Heavy rain rather does not likely to occur at this time of year.


In January, temperatures can be really cold and go as low as -20°C, but this is really rare, so as the precipitation. The humidity is high, especially in the morning hours. If it does happen, beautiful clear skies without any clouds, and shining sun compensates for the cold. The biggest advantage of winter weather in Poland is that it snows more than enough every year, so it’s worth going snowmobiling. The snow showers can be very charming and fun.


February is another wintry month, although already a bit more forgiving for the warmth-lovers than January. The average temperature oscillates around -5°C. However, at night hours it can still drop very low, which is sometimes a surprise for tourists. If you plan a night walk, be sure to bring a scarf and gloves. Rain and moderate snowfall on average 11 days per month.

During winter, especially drivers should pay attention to road safety and sensible driving. Due to poor visibility and really early sunset. Also, the temperature is low, so after the showers snow streets can be very slippery. It is better to have good light in your car and a lot of patience.

What to do in Krakow in winter? 

The biggest winter attraction in Krakow is the Christmas market held on Main Square. This event attracts thousands of people here. While strolling between wooden huts, you can taste traditional grilled dishes, dumplings or drink mulled wine. The locals also offer their handicrafts or handmade sweets. The most colorful attraction of the Christmas Market is the nativity scene competition, a tradition dating back to 1937.

The whole city is dressed in charming colored lights and Christmas trees, which illuminate our days when the sun sets really early. In December, after 16:00 there is a full dark and it feels like the night was a never-ending story. But Krakow under the snow looks like a magical picture, and it is worth coming to see the city in a different version.

For tourists and residents of the city also provides sports attractions. Particularly noteworthy is the slide on Krakow’s Blonia, which is the largest object of its kind in Poland. It is a perfect place for a social meeting or spending free time with the family because the piercing lights combined with music create an entertaining atmosphere. However, be careful, because there is often a high wind speed.

After the ride is over, visit the nearby restaurants, enjoy hot snacks and warming drinks, or head to the colorfully decorated shopping malls of Kraków, where you can catch a bargain at the seasonal sales. Mostly in the afternoon, it can be crowded.


The climate is getting warmer and summer in our country is getting more and more noticeable. The precipitation is more abundant and the wind speed is really high. We all know that lightning discharges in the atmosphere can be very dangerous. Therefore, you should check the weather before you head for the water. Mostly, for people who have a partly problem with pressure.

Summer is the most popular time of year to visit Krakow. The climate is the most pleasant, with long sunny days and high temperatures. There are days when there are no clouds in the sky and the humidity and pressure are conducive to a good mood. At that time the visibility is perfect, so it is a good chance to sightseeing. However, it has its drawbacks. In June, July, and August it can be really hot, with temperatures reaching over 30 °C. This is also the time when restaurants are crowded and the queues to museums are long. July and August are the hottest months, but rainfall statistics are also the highest then.


Temperatures during this time jump as high as 22°C. This is not the climate that other parts of the world experience in the summer, but it has its pluses. This is the perfect time to visit Krakow! What’s more, there isn’t a flurry of tourists yet because the school year isn’t over yet. At night, temperatures still drop to 11°C, so for nighttime adventures, it’s a good idea to bring a sweater with you. Although the days are getting warmer and longer, the chances of rainfall are increasing this month. On average 60 mm of rain normally falls in 17 days.


This is the hottest month of the year, but also has the highest rainfall figures. July temperatures are favorable for relaxing by the sea or lake. On average, thermometer bars show 20 ° C. The heat can be felt, especially in the middle of the day. Even the nights are warm, so you can easily sit by the Vistula River or go to a disco in the open air. Weather in Poland on July can be changeable, especially when it comes to lightning. In this month they happen very often and can be extremely violent.


This is the second warmest month of the year, with an average daily temperature of 18°C. For lovers of sunshine and warm climates, this is still a good time to visit and discover the beauty of the city. At night, temperatures do not drop below 10°C, especially in the city center. Due to the rainfall, it is about a bit of a dry month, and the heat can be very intense. As it is in Poland the climate is sometimes changeable. Particularly hot, sultry days usually end with violent thunderstorms that bring precipitation and hail. In most years, however, it is a calmer month than July.

If you decide to visit city during these months, you have to take into account the fact that the city is overcrowded with tourists. Therefore, instead of going to Wawel or the famous boulevards during the hot days, it is better to go to Bagry Beach or Kryspin Reservoir. In the evenings it is a pleasure to stroll around the historic Kazimierz or the beautiful Rynek Podgórski. The surrounding pubs and bars offer their guests live music, delicious snacks and excellent alcohols.

During the summer vacations there are also open-air summer cinemas, numerous concerts,  festivals and food truck conventions. For fans of the legend of the Wawel Dragon, it is especially worth following the events in June, because at the beginning of the month a beautiful spectacle is organized by the Vistula River, full of lights and music. Every year, the Parade of Dragons gathers crowds of people who admire hand-made monsters and fireworks shows.


Everyone loves spring for the luscious greenery, the birds singing, and the flowers blooming all around. In March, days are getting longer and the sun is reaching a higher and higher point in the sky. The beginning of spring is always quite mixed. Some summer, some winter, sometimes rain, sometimes heat.


Temperatures are still quite cold this month, averaging 5°C. Frosts still occur at night and in the morning. Overall, the days are getting warmer and longer, and the sun makes its presence known more often. March can be quite rainy. Weather in March can be very changeable and mixed. Often it may not be conducive to outdoor sightseeing.


April is already characterized by quite a higher temperature, pleasant to visit the beautiful city of Krakow. Thermometers indicate about 13 °C then, and the rainfall is not too heavy. It is worth taking advantage of this time, when the city is not yet overcrowded with visitors. You can easily buy tickets to museums, theaters, or take advantage of the guided tours on offer.


May is probably the most beautiful month of the year, when everything blooms, the meadows are colorful, the sky is clear and the temperature fluctuates around 20 °C. There are perfect conditions for cycling tours, balloon flights, or admiring the clear sunrise and sunset from the mounds that stand out on the map.


Despite being shorter days, light wind and moderate precipitation, the weather in Krakow is still not that bad! “Golden Polish Autumn” – this well-worn proverb is painted very clearly on the trees of Krakow. Although the weather can be capricious and is usually associated with precipitation, and the bars on the thermometer are falling ever lower, it is not all bad. It is a perfect time to catch a “golden hour” and take amazing photos of colorful nature.


In September, the average temperature oscillates around 14 °C, and rainfall is not yet so frequent. So this is the perfect time to go for a bike ride along the Vistula or a walk among the colorful trees on Planty. The precipitation is not so high. All children love to trample falling leaves and collect chestnuts or rowanberries. For those who like mushrooming, you can go to Wolski Forest to fill your baskets. The sunset is not so early yet, so with a clear sky, you may enjoy Kraków.


October is already getting a bit colder and the days are getting shorter. The thermometer usually drops to 9 °C. Still, it’s not an obstacle to go to the Water Park and feel like on a tropical island, basking in the sun. Along the way, stop by cinemas, which offer new movies every week, or do some shopping in big shopping malls. The precipitation is rather not so heavy and the wind speed is not oppressive.


November in Poland is the time when the holiday of the dead is celebrated. Cemeteries and monuments are decorated and shine beautifully in the darkness. The weather becomes less kind, and the wind and precipitation is quite frequent, although the average rainfall is practically twice less than in the rainiest month of the year, July. The average temperature hovers around 3 °C during the day, and frosts occur at night. For such dreary days, take a walk to the museums to admire the colorful art, or enjoy the many pubs and restaurants offering fun bowling and delicious food.


There is no clear answer to this. Each of us has different tastes and interests. Generally, summer and spring are the prevailing seasons, when tourists abound in the city. It is also more difficult then to get tickets to museums or to relax on the charming Vistula River in peace and quiet. But on the other hand, it is when most attractions for tourists are organized. Sunny, clear days allow for cruises on the Vistula, canoeing, outdoor events or sports competitions. A light wind is even indicated to do this!

  January February March April May June July August September October December November
Average temp. (°C) -2,3 -0,9 3,3 9,3 14,1 17,5 19,5 19,1 14,4 9,2 4,3 -0,1
Min. temp. (°C) -5,3 -4,4 -1,2 3,7 8,9 12,6 14,7 14,2 10 5,4 1,2 -2,9
Max. temp. (°C) 0,5 2,5 7,7 14,3 18,6 21,8 23,8 23,7 18,8 13,3 7,7 2,6
Rainfall (mm) 51 49 58 65 93 93 107 80 77 60 53 49
Humidity (%) 83 81 74 68 71 71 71 70 74 79 85 82
Rainy days 9 9 10 9 11 10 11 9 8 8 8 9

Despite high wind speed or partly cloudy sky, there is always something to do!

External companies organize tours of Krakow for people from all over the world. It is impossible to walk down the street and not hear at least five other languages. On the other hand, it allows you to get to know other people’s culture and their opinions about beautiful Krakow. Restaurants and pubs come out to people with new summer offers, which are full of seasonal flavors. Fans of good cuisine, excellent alcohols or sweet desserts will be in seventh heaven. In the summer, it is also worth thinking about booking accommodation, because despite a very wide range of hotels and apartments, during the accumulation of tourists, there may be a problem with finding a free room. Increasing from year to year their standards, located here objects, can offer their customers more and more attractions. Ideal for those who also want to take advantage of the SPA, beauticians or masseurs.

Nevertheless, winter also has its magic and charm when the frost is on our faces and snow is all around. One of the most beautiful Polish Christmas markets is a must for every tourist. Real homemade food, mulled wine or beer and nuts in caramel, do not taste anywhere so delicious. Despite a big humidity, unpleasant showers of snow or cloudy sky, the atmosphere is unique.

Another advantage is the fact that the city is not so crowded, so for people who like peace and quiet, it will be a big advantage. Just check the forecast information and take a chance to explore.

Every weather is a chance to see something new!

In fact, there is no bad weather to visit Krakow. The wide range of attractions that the city offers is suitable for every season of the year and for every tourist. It does not matter whether it is a young or old person. Equally, people interested in art, sports or entertainment, find here something for themselves. It is also an ideal place to meet with family and friends to spend time together or celebrate festivities.


Below are a few pages where you can check the current weather forecast for Krakow. The information is clear and visible every day. You can check every hour and amount of precipitation, wind speed, the percent of cloudy, and a high of pressure. For drivers, it is worth checking the visibility and the chance of icy roads.

  • ICM METEO – The most accurate weather information for 60 hours.
  • AccuWeather – Forecast from an international website for every hour.
  • – Short-term and long-term forecast.
  • – Clear forecast up to 45 days.
  • Pogoda & Radar: alerty burzowe – A professional app for your phone. Radar that shows you in real-time upcoming changes in the weather. Monitors precipitation, wind, pressure, humidity, and road information like cloudy or visibility.
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