Krakow Thing to do

How to Get to Energylandia from Krakow: Travel Guide
Discover the most convenient bus routes operating from Kraków to the land of fun and thrills that is the Energylandia amusement park. Embark on an adventure to the heart of excitement and entertainment as you plan your visit to Energylandia, the largest theme park in Poland, located a stone’s throw
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Art Galleries in Krakow
In a city so steeped with artistic spirit, it is hardly surprising that many interesting art galleries can be found in Krakow. With such great schools as Jagiellonian University and Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow has produced many prolific artists and art critics. The artistic community enjoys a wide range
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Krakow Water Park
Opened in 2000, Krakow Water Park is the biggest public indoor swimming pool in Poland. With over 2000 m2 of swimming pool area, it offers a slide network and plenty of water attractions, such as Rapid River, Hydro Massage and Rock Climbing Walls. Paddling Pool, designed especially for the youngest visitors,
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Shopping centres in Krakow
There are several shopping centres in Krakow where you can buy things from clothes and shoes to kitchenware to medicine to groceries. In Krakow shopping is nice and easy, because shops are usually open until late hours and located in many places around the city. If you are traveling to Krakow
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Royal Road
The Krakow Royal Road is a commonly used term for the ceremonial route that was being used for celebratory parades, coronation marches and funeral processions when Krakow was the capital of Poland. Monarchs, distinguished guests, foreign envoys and national heroes marched from St. Florian’s Church to the Wawel Royal Castle, welcomed by the city’s authorities
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Amber jewellery in Krakow
While visiting Krakow, you will surely notice that one of the most popular souvenirs is amber jewellery. But how come that Baltic sea amber is so popular so far from the seaside? It all dates back to prehistoric and medieval times. Krakow was a vibrant commerce hub situated on the
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Ring of park Planty Planty is a unique green belt that encircles the Old Town of Krakow. The park was established between 1822 and 1830 in the place of medieval city walls. Fortifications surrounding the city were torn down and the area of the moat, at the time serving as city
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Leonardo da Vinci in Krakow
Leonardo da Vinci paintings are amongst the most valuable and admired in the world. The artist himself was a real Renaissance man, extraordinarily talented in many subjects. All of his work, either paintings or else, are considered excellent examples of technique and vision. Lady with an Ermine is Leonardo da Vinci’s
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Thing to do in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

The capital of Poland may be Warsaw, but Krakow, although it has already lost that title, is still there. It is definitely a place you must add to your travel list. Today, the city is vibrant, attracting young people to learn and workers from all over the world in search of jobs. It is also a cradle of an old and new culture, and a place made for artists, which impresses with its traditional buildings and modern approach to life.

Despite its ever-growing popularity, it is still one of the cheapest cities in Europe and an amazing place to visit if you love fabulous architecture, world-class cuisine, stunning landscapes and rich history. It doesn’t matter what time of year you come here, or for what purpose, but you probably won’t be bored.

In order for you to fully enjoy your tour to the picturesque capital of Malopolska, we have compiled a list of the best things to discover and see in Krakow. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to pack everything into one tour. You’ll be back house planning your next visit! Just take one week free and search new things online in Krakow, it is the best way to not to be bored and tired.

The different faces of Krakow life

Krakow is cultural, creative and dynamic – it has many faces to discover. There is no chance for you to get bored. From architectural monuments to vibrant nightlife, from communist relics to contemporary music festivals. It’s hard to tell which is better, but it provides all tourists with an incredible dose of attractions, knowledge and great memories. From historic museums to modern shopping malls and crazy entertainment venues. There is something for everyone here. So put together with your friends or family and visit Krakow.

Facilities for travelers – comfortable visit without get lost

Krakow, as a tourist-friendly city, offers a wide range of restaurants, high-class hotels and other accommodation facilities, as well as well-developed public transport. Numerous information points and signposts give confidence in moving around the city to tourists from all over the world. It helps not to get lost, even if you discover Krakow for the first time. Especially that thanks to the good connection of the Krakow airport, we can experience the amazing cultural and language mix throughout the city.

Search for the best things to do for free!

Breaking away from the daily routine and getting out of the places where responsibilities and work keep us – this alone makes the moments special. It is fantastic to organize a day away from home and together with friends or family, go for an interesting walk, a day trip and not be bored! Krak’s City is a unique place, full of color and fascinating people, which thanks to wonderfully organized tour, you can discover close and even organize a fantastic party yourself.

There is something for everyone: from history through play games, new music experiences, to workshops for children and adults. Do you like good food? Cooking together? Or maybe you just want to try local dinner? The local restaurants are open almost 24 hours a day. Likewise, the wide range of accommodations allows you to quickly search online and book a room or a whole house to suit your need. Read all reviews about the host, space and room on the famous websites.

The artistic face of Krakow

Vacations in Krakow? Lively restaurants, cafes full of people, majestic architecture, rich monuments, exciting nightlife… make sure you add Krakow’s museums to that list! You can be sure that you will not be bored even for one minute. Any movie or games do not give you as much free fun as a museum tour.

The space of history and local create

In a city steeped in artistic spirit, it’s hardly surprising to find a number of interesting and unusual art galleries among which everyone will find something for themselves, the variety of themes is quite large. From history to modern art, the museums in Krakow are among the most frequented in Poland. With prominent schools such as the Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow has produced many artists and art critics. The artistic community benefits from the wide range of Krakow’s art galleries, which focus mainly on contemporary art. The National Museum, the Modern MOCAK Museum, or the Museum of Urban Engineering in Krakow are waiting for you. The offer is really wide. Watch, listen and learn abiut the most famous artists and their life.

The artists who live here are also active in urban projects of creating and designing greenery, painting buildings or organizing photo exhibitions. At every gallery or museum, you can find interesting stores with handicrafts and crafts. Don’t roll your eyes – believe that they are really worth visiting! :)

Get closer to Leonardo life

Have you seen the Lady with an Ermine with your own eyes? One of the greatest works of art in the world! You can admire the painting by the legendary Leonardo in our city. Leonardo da Vinci painted 4 portraits of women, including the most famous “Mona Lisa” and the most beautiful “Lady with an Ermine”. Poles can feel really lucky, because “Lady” can be admired in the National Museum. Even if you are not an art lover, such a masterpiece is worth seeing with your own eyes! Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are among the most valuable and admired in the world. The artist himself was a true Renaissance man, extremely talented in many fields. All of his works, whether painting or otherwise, are considered excellent examples of technique and vision. The painting was placed in the seat of the National Museum in Krakow, where a special exhibition was prepared, presenting the most precious exhibits from the Czartoryski collection. You will not watch it in any other place in the world. The reviews from other travellers are available on the Internet.

A unique gift from Krakow

The capital of Malopolska is, after Gdansk, named the World Amber Capital – that is, the stone most strongly associated for Poland. In Krakow, Baltic amber jewellery is very popular with tourists as a unique souvenir from Poland. You can find it in most souvenir stores. The stalls in Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) on Krakow’s Main Square are amazing with handicrafts using Baltic amber. Although there are many “amber” places on the map of Krakow, the Amber Museum is certainly one of the most important ones you should visit. Apart from the permanent exhibition, there are regular exhibitions of old and modern art as well as meetings with amazing authors, designers, craftsmen and artists.

Feel like a King

The Royal Route is the most important tourist route in Krakow. Though the Royal Road has not been used for over two centuries, it makes one the most popular tourists routes today, due to the fact that many of the city’s landmarks are located along the way. The route leads from the Barbican, through Florianska Street, Market Square and Grodzka to the Wawel Hill. This is the road along which Polish kings, national heroes and celebrities solemnly headed for Wawel.

Wandering along the Royal Route, you will learn about the history of Krakow and its most important monuments (the Florian Gate, the Cloth Hall, the Town Hall tower, the Wawel Castle), through which you will feel the unique atmosphere of the ancient City of Krakow. A trip along the Royal Route is also a chance to listen to an interesting story about Polish kings, their secrets, fierce battles and the mysteries of royal marriages. We recommend the Royal Route tour mainly to those who visit Krakow for the first time and want to deepen their knowledge of the city.

Picturesque Planty life

What are Planty for Krakow? What meaning do they have for citizens? It is easy to answer: The Planty is one of the most important symbols of the city. Whether you like it or not, everyone in Krakow will walk at least a part of this magnificent path. Can you imagine contemporary Krakow without the Planty? Definitely not! They are, after all, the silent witness of all human emotions and events, ranging from wonderful love triumphs to crimes. If only the plant trees could talk! They saw people laughing and crying, lonely and unhappy, in joyful euphoria. Fortunately, the city security and police try to take care of the safety of residents and tourists, patrolling the place at all times of day and night. It is the perfect place for family fun, alone walk with a good podcast or music in your headphones. Along the Planty, there are a lot of restaurants where you can eat local food or delicious dinner. For nighttime and walk with your dog, you should try a special cocktail from the bar.

Crazy shopping for fans of style and goods for free!

If you are a shopping enthusiast, you will be in your element when you visit Krakow. Not without a reason, Krakow is considered to be the city of style and fashion. There are over 15 shopping malls in the city center, where you will find all international and Polish brands. The largest shopping centers, such as Galeria Krakowska, Galeria Kazimierz and Bonarka, each house 250-260 stores. If you are looking for great discounts and bargains, take a look at Factory. Outlet located about 30 minutes from the city center offers goods at 30-70% discount. If mass brands are too simple and unimaginative for you, or you are looking for a unique gift from Krakow, perhaps you should consider some new unique boutiques and private studios that are located around the market square.

In the shopping centers, you can find also cinemas to watch a movie, a special space for kids to free play or places to eat with a delicious meal, cocktail and food to take away. If you prefer sports or yoga workaut, usually near the shopping centers are outdoor or indoor gyms.

Put together tour week and water fun in the middle of the city

How do you stop time and make your vacation last forever? Just go to a tropical island in the middle of the city! A wide range of attractions will keep even the most demanding guests entertained. Regardless of the weather outside, it’s always tropical here! You can immerse yourself in the sea of attractions at the swimming pool – and in summer bask in the sun on the Aqua Park beach. Active recreation is also provided by a separate area for water games and free class, like: basketball, volleyball, water ball and swimming lanes. The youngest discoverers of the pool area have also a wide field of play in the favourite, colourful paddling pool with the Pirate Island, fountains with animals, a pirate ship with water cannons, three small slides and the Magic Mushroom. This is the only place in the Lesser Poland region, where water is sterilised with ozone, so it prevents eye and skin irritation. The maximum security and comfort are ensured by a group of experienced lifeguards, as well as modern monitoring and protection systems. Krakow Water Park is adapted to the needs of the disabled. During the summertime you can use pool attractions outdoor. Just take your friends and kids and have fun! Sports, yoga workout in park or dance practice outdoor, it is the best play for free to kill the boredom!

Create and search for good memories in Krakow space

Krakow is a special place to spend all week with your friends, family and kids. There are a lot of interesting events, music festivals, beautiful space to take a photo and discover the world. Local food doesn’t taste anywhere as good, walk near the Vistula river or in Krakow’s park, in no other place will bring so much fun, and night events are a unique opportunity to meet new friends and famous people from the world of TV, music and Youtube. It is always a good idea to take photos during the tour or spending free time with your friend. Sometimes the photo session itself can be a real celebration. You can then share them with your loved ones online or create an album of your best memories from Krakow.

If you wonder what to visit in Krakow and if the city really has so much to offer, then after the first visit you will be 100% sure that it is worth it. The city impresses from all sides, it’s not just the main square and the Wawel Castle, it’s also huge parks and squares outside the center. A lot of places for whole family, friends, animals and famous people from all over the world.