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Krakow Christmas Market 2017 Christmas Market on Krakow Main Square Each year more

St. Paraskevi Church, Kwiaton

Wooden Architecture Route

Wooden Architecture Route, was established in 2001 with the initiative of the authorities of Lesser Poland region (Malopolska) and neighbouring regions. The main goal is to preserve a great artistic and historical value of 253 architectural ensembles include...

Bractwo kurkowe - Kraków

Enthronement of the Fowler King

Enthronement of the Fowler King 2016 on the Main Market Square Enthronement of the Fowler King is one of the oldest traditions of Krakow – it probably first came to life about 600 years ago! The Fowler King is a title with an unusual pedigree. Its root...

Lajkonik Procession

Lajkonik is the most popular symbol of Krakow and the Lajkonik Procession is the most colourful loca...