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Enthronement of the Fowler King

Bractwo kurkowe - Kraków

Enthronement of the Fowler King 2016 on the Main Market Square
Enthronement of the Fowler King 2016 on the Main Market Square

Enthronement of the Fowler King is one of the oldest traditions of Krakow – it probably first came to life about 600 years ago! The Fowler King is a title with an unusual pedigree. Its roots date back to the 13th century, when Krakow was surrounded by fortified city walls. It was probably back then, that the civilian archers’ fraternity (Bractwo Kurkowe in Polish) was set up. The task of its members was to train burgers and merchants responsible for the security of the city. For centuries the title of the Fowler King has been won by the member, who in the annual competition had knocked off the last piece of wooden hen.

The Fowler King 2016
The Fowler King 2016

Today, the tradition of the Fowler King is still strong. Every year at the beginning of June, during a colourful Enthronement of the Fowler King celebration on the Main Market Square accompanied by thousands of spectators and the president of Krakow, the outgoing Fowler King hands over the fraternity’s symbol and the most valuable treasure – the silver hen, to his successor, who had won the competition.

Enthronement of the Fowler King 2017

This year the celebration takes place on 3 June.

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