Cheap Krakow – traveling to Krakow on a budget

For those traveling on a budget, Krakow will prove very satisfying. Cheap food and accommodation, affordable cultural agenda, the close proximity of all the most important landmarks. These are just a few reasons to choose Krakow as a holiday destination on a tight budget.

Cheap Krakow – how to spend quality time, but not a fortune

First of all, search through many options for affordable accommodation. There are many great hostels scattered around the Old Town. The wide range of hostels includes those meant clearly for backpackers and young, adventurous travelers, as well as more quiet places.

Cheap food

When it comes to food that is delicious, healthy and cheap Krakow will not let you down! There are many great restaurants with traditional Polish food that are very affordable. Also, fast food restaurants serving more modern cheap food are of very good quality. The most beloved snack in Krakow, amongst tourists and locals alike, is obwarzanek. They are sold everywhere from street carts and cost only around 1.70 PLN!

Tasty fast food can be found in Kazimierz, especially on Plac Nowy

Tasty fast food can be found in Kazimierz, especially on Plac Nowy

The former Jewish quarter of Kazimierz is the place to be when it comes to cheap food. Plac Nowy (New Square) is home to a huge marketplace where the best fast food is sold. Zapiekanki are long toasted buns with cheese and vegetables, some even 50 cm long. They are affordable and loved especially after late-night parties.

The best Krakow cafes are also located in Kazimierz. This district has become an artistic heart of Krakow. Many great restaurants, pubs and cafes are located there. They serve delicious and affordable food and lack the huge waves of tourists that often choose cafes in Old Town.

Cheap entertainment

Krakow is the second largest Polish city, but when it comes to sightseeing, doing so on foot is the best option. Taking a stroll down the cobbled streets of Old Town is the best way to see this historic city. Admission to the most important landmarks is often not very expensive. Moreover, there is always one day a week that admission is free of charge.

There is a number of free events taking place throughout the year. Concerts, fairs and festivals are open to the public and free.

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