City Astrologer

Almost from the very first years of Krakow Academy(known as Jagiellonian University), astrology was one of the subjects that were taught there. It was very important science in the XIV century as well as astronomy. Many noble scientists dedicated their lives to interpreting movements of stars and planets, and many people and even city institutions based their decisions on the results of astrologers’ work. One of the most famous scientists, who, beside history, medicine and alchemy, also studied astrology, was Maciej Miechowita, professor and rector of Jagiellonian University.

Krakow, as many other cities, had its own astrologer. There are some notes from 1545 saying that the Krakow astrologer that year was Master Petrus, and for his work the city paid him 10 grzywnas(measure of unit of exchange) a year, that was not considered to be a big salary at those times. Some other city astrologers  mentioned in city archives are Master Bernard Krawczyk and Alberto Strazicz.

Polish phrase “was born under a good star” has its roots in the times when astrology was still popular.

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