Czarkowskich Palace

Is located at 20 Straszewskiego street in Krakow. It was built according to the design of Maksymilian Nitsch. It is characterized by the neo-renaissance style, as evidenced by the columned loggias between two avant-corps referring to the old city buildings. In the years 1970-1977 it was restored.

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This is the former seat of the Balicki family of the Topór coat of arms, and then of the Tęczyński family. At the beginning of the 16th century, Balice was taken over by a Kraków merchant – Seyrid Betman, whose daughter married Seweryn Boner – a representative of the richest
There was no room for a palace in the urban concept of Krakow. It was a building that was contrary to the assumptions of the founding city, limited by defensive walls, where every square meter of area was worth its weight in gold. The thirteenth century urban planner divided the
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