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Thinking about filling in the annual income tax declaration, many people feel very anxious. Dealing with the tax office is not the most pleasant activity. E PIT makes the whole process a way easier, which definitely is a valuable facilitation for all those, who struggled with PIT. What is E PIT? How can you send the tax declaration via the Internet? Is it available for everyone? Check it out!


E PIT – what is it?

A tax form has to be filled in every year by all taxpayers in Poland. Until 2019, the form had to be submitted to the tax office in person or by post. In 2019, the Polish Ministry of Finance introduced the Internet tax service E PIT. The e-Tax Office, especially E-PIT has made it a lot easier to streamline the tax processes and deal with the PIT declaration. E PIT is a pre-filled Income Tax Returns form that is available for those, who do not have any revenues from economic activity and some branches of agricultural production. The form is filled out with data which was collected by the revenue administration. The e-tax office service is available for all Internet users, both desktop and mobile.

Your E PIT 2022 – where to find it?

The declarations for 2022 will be available from 15. February 2023. From this date, you will be able to see your PIT 37, PIT 28, PIT 36, or PIT 38 pre-filled declaration. In order to use the E PIT service, you need to log in to your account on the e-Tax Office website at podatki.gov.pl. The easiest way is to use a qualified signature or trusted profile. Then you will have insight into the pre-filled declaration prepared by the Ministry of Finance. The service allows the taxpayer to edit the tax relief, add the institution to donate 1.5% of the tax, and after confirming the accuracy of all the data included there, send PIT to the tax office. After the submission of the declaration, the taxpayer can download an official acknowledgment of receipt.

What are the benefits of E PIT?

Those, who just even once had to queue in the tax office know, that the possibility of filling in the tax declaration online is comfortable. But are there any other advantages of E PIT?

  • You don’t have to remember about submitting the PIT form. No action taken before the deadline is understood as an acceptance of the pre-filled information and the form is automatically sent to the tax office. 
  • In case of overpayment, you get a quicker tax refund.
  • If you have an underpayment, you can pay the required sum online in the service.

Is this service available for everyone?

E PIT is a service that is currently available for most Polish taxpayers. By using E PIT, you are, in a way, released from the duty of filling in the tax declaration form.  Your E PIT still does not provide settlement of income from economic activity and special departments of agricultural production. In E PIT, you will not be able to check the PIT 39 declaration (income from the sale of real estate).

In the case of a pre-filled declaration, the program may not take into account the tax reliefs and deductions to which the taxpayer is entitled, as well as the right to transfer 1.5% to the chosen public benefit organization, which in this case can be unused. It is advisable to verify the information included in the pre-filled form and, if it is possible, to add the missing data. 


Other ways to settle the PIT declaration

If you do not want to use the E PIT online declaration, you can still fulfill your tax obligations in a traditional way. You need to have your PIT 11 from your employer and know which tax office you are subject to. Your tax office is specific to your place of residence. You can use the gov. website to find the proper tax office. Your declaration can also be sent by post or handed to the tax office by a plenipotentiary. 


If you still want to send the declaration electronically, but you wish to have the opportunity to manually enter all the required information, you can use PITax. The online program PITax allows you to take advantage of online tax settlement and minimize the risk of missing information. By entering all the tax reliefs and deductions yourself, you can be sure that your tax return will be higher that in the case of the pre-filled form. PIT-ax is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. The system keeps watch over the correctness of the entered data. After sending your PIT, the system will generate the automatic confirmation (UPO) which can be used as proof of fulfilling your tax duty. The PITax tax system is not to be installed on your computer, which guarantees the highest level of data security. It is protected with the EV SSL certification which is also used by the largest world banks. 

What is the deadline for sending the PIT 2023 declaration?

PIT 2023 (for the fiscal year 2022) is to be sent no later than 2.May 2023. In the case of PIT 28, PIT 36, PIT 37, and PIT-38, the declaration will be automatically accepted, but PIT 39 needs to be filled in manually in the E PIT service or outside of it. Failure to meet the deadline is tantamount to being fined. The deadline for tax refunds sent electronically is 45 days and traditionally – 3 months.

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