In the nineteenth century, in Paris, an association operated under this name, referring to the town near Athens, where the most sacred and mysterious mysteries were held in antiquity, extremely hermetic and despite the fact that they operated for many centuries, no one revealed the secret of the rituals and rituals dedicated to the queen of the underworld – Persephone . These mysteries were interrupted in 395 by the invasion of the Visigoth horde. On the initiative of W. Lutosławski, in 1903 an Association was established in Krakow under the same name, whose members were eminent people of science and culture. They were called Elses, they held meetings, assemblies and meetings. The meeting places were parks and mounds.
The Elses made a four-fold vow: avoiding alcohol, tobacco, gambling and debauchery. Hence they were sometimes called the Brotherhood of Quadruple Temperance. Besides, they propagated and cultivated patriotic feelings. In 1912, a secret management organization, the so-called “Star” whose members have sworn, “Service to the motherland with complete dedication to personal affairs.” Over time, Eleusis’ ways parted, World War I scattered her members and destroyed the archives.

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The Wooden Bridge is a former bridge built in 1828 as the second bridge on the Old Vistula in Krakow. It used to connect the city with the slaughterhouse established in 1818-1819.
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Before World War I, on the south-eastern slope of the hill called Sikornik, the Society for the Construction of Cheap Housing Houses planned the construction of a residential and clerical estate. The competition for the design of the estate was announced in 1908, and it was won by Roman Bandurski,
Józef Poniatowski was born in 1763 in Vienna, where he grew up and served in the army. Meritorious general, leader, minister of war, commander of the Duchy of Warsaw army, marshal of the French Empire. He was also known for his bindings with Polish King – Stanisław August Poniatowski, whose
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