Estreicher Zygmunt

Musicologist, son of Tadeusz, born in 1917 in Freiburg, died in 1993 in Geneva. He studied at the Sobieski and Nowodworski Gymnasiums and at the Conservatory, then he studied at the Jagiellonian University. He worked part-time at Polish Radio – he was a speaker who, in September 1939, uttered the last words of the Krakow radio station “Here I speak from Krakow, we connect with Warsaw“. After reaching France, he served in the Polish Grenadier Division, interned in Switzerland in 1940, conducted a choir of interned soldiers, wrote poems and songs, and organized concerts. He was a university professor and director of the university library in Neuchatel. From 1969 he was a professor of musicology in Geneva.

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