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Garden Festival

The main idea behind the Garden Festival is to create an opportunity to spend time in beautiful gardens and parks in Krakow and to participate in a variety of cultural events for all those who are interested in nature as well as in culture.

Garden Festival Krakow, Jozef Mehoffer House
Garden Festival Krakow, Jozef Mehoffer House

It is the only occasion to see usually inaccessible Krakow gardens: in the Wawel Castle, monasteries and townhouses or even private gardens. Each edition includes walking tours around the most beautiful gardens in the city and in other towns of the region, seminars and workshops, as well as open air concerts.

Garden Festival 2017

This year’s edition will take place between 26th May and 18th June. The festival’s programme is available on the official website: http://swietoogrodow.pl/program/

The programme includes guided tours of the royal gardens in Wawel Castle, workshops in the Jozef Mehoffer House museum, as well as various concerts and workshops in other beautiful places all around Krakow.

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