“Ilustrowany Kuryer Codzienny” (‘IKC”)

“Ilustrowany Kuryer Codzienny” (“IKC”) was the most popular Polish daily newspaper before the war. The Sunday edition usually had 250,000 copies, which was the highest circulation in Poland at that time. The newspaper was founded by the publisher and editor-in-chief Marian Dąbrowski. The first copy appeared on December 17 1910 and the newspaper was published until 1939. The editorial office was located in the Spiski Palace on the Main Square in Krakow, and the printing house on Krupnicza St. Later, the editorial office changed its location many times.

Later, “IKC” became a real concern that published five illustrated weeklies such as:

  • travel and science magazine “Na szerokim świecie”
  • popular magazine “Światowid”
  • satirical weekly magazine “Wróble na Dachu”
  • sports weekly magazine “Raz, dwa, trzy”
  • sensational weekly magazine “As”
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Suggested Contents
An irregular periodical, appearing more or less every two months – it was created in June 1992 in Krakow. Established by a group of friends from the Salwator Gontyna Street. He quickly gained collaborators in other Polish cities. It is a completely atypical historical – manners – cultural – social
Magazine published weekly. It has been published since November 11, 1989, by the Regional Board of NSZZ “Solidarność”. It publishes articles, reports, information related to social and union issues. Wojciech Marchewczyk became the first editor-in-chief.
A monthly magazine in Krakow devoted to the art market. Its purpose is to inform about interesting works appearing in antique shops and galleries. They have been publishing it since 1996.
The most known Krakow newspaper, the afternoon Krakow news daily. It has been published since March 10, 1946, initially by the MC of the PPR. The first editor-in-chief was Adam Polewka. From April 1, 1949 to January 31, 1956 it appeared as a mutation of “Express Wieczorny”, from February 1,
In 1990-1995 it was published as a daily newspaper in Krakow, since 1996 it has been a weekly, published by Spółka Akcyjna Arka Press, and it follows the tradition of the former daily of the same name. He publishes articles, interviews, discussions on socio-political issues. Jan Polkowski became the first
Journal issued by the Foundation of the same name. It appears irregularly, it was created in the underground in the UJ in the mid-1980s Krakow. Controversial texts are included – surprising, even though many of the materials are merely literary propositions generally considered interesting.
The company was settled in Krakow in 1977 and it was the first company with the foreign capital.  It was owned by a join stock company “Marold” from Lichtenstein. They have started with the production of zip fasteners, now they are opened for different trades, starting from automotive, construction, electro-technical,
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