Jan Paderewski Centre and Museum in Kąśna Dolna

Jan Paderewski Centre and Museum in Kąśna Dolna

If you would like to discover Polish culture through its musical heritage, there are several major places to go to. Starting from the Birthplace of Frederic Chopin in Żelazowa Wola to Karol Szymanowski’s Museum in Zakopane or the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Szydłowiec. However, there is one particular place that is relatively undiscovered and definitely worth seeing. The Paderewski Centre in Kąśna Dolna is a place that certainly won’t disappoint even the most cultivated tastes.

Paderewski Centre – What’s there?

The Paderewski Center was created in 1990 and for over 30 years it has been preserving and promoting wonderful cultural heritage left by Ignacy Paderewski – one of the greatest Polish composers and pianists. It was born out of the previous initiative called Tarnów Music Association. Visiting the place you will get inspired by its imaginative atmosphere and exceptional space created by artists. The complex of historical buildings consists of the Paderewski’s House Museum and the House of Creative Work surrounded by a park and numerous valleys.

The Centre initiated several festivals including: Bravo Maestro (chamber music festival), Week of Talents and Viva Polonia! Festival! To lift up the hearts.

There are also numerous workshops organized for those who want to experience Paderewski’s heritage themselves and show their talents to the wolrd.

Paderewski’s House

Ignacy Paderewski came to Kąśna Dolna 120 years ago not knowing that today it would become one of the most beautiful monuments of musical heritages in the country. In fact, his impressive manor house hasn’t changed since that time and today all visitors of the Centre can travel in the time simply by entering that marvellous property. We can admire the breathtaking interior of Paderewski House as well as the surrounding garden with lush greenery, valleys and a lake. No wonder why he got so much inspiration for his work while living in such a wonderful place!

Jan Paderewski grand piano in Kąśna Dolna

Jan Paderewski grand piano in Kąśna Dolna

Entering the House, we will see the main exhibition that is a reconstruction of Paderewski’s atelier, his bedroom and four amazing halls – chinese, neo-rococo-style, classicistic and a lounge room. Among many different objects used by Paderewski every day (sheets, books, pottery), the most important one in the whole property is, of course, his grand piano. 

Another big feature of the House is its localization, where one can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere of nature and harmony. However, most of all, the Paderewski’s House is the place of his eternal music, where he composed his most significant musical works.

The House itself was built in 1833, then renovated by Paderewski in 1897. After the Second World War it was abandoned and became unkempt over the course of time. In 1976 a community of musicians started its renovation and the first concert was initiated already in 1983.

What to do in Paderewski Centre?

Get a new skill at the Creative House

This beautiful building is located right next to the Paderewski’s House. It’s the place of numerous workshops, during which artists can show and perfect their skills, while amateurs can learn something new and discover the world of music. Everybody is welcome to take part! 

Discover Paderewski’s music

The Concert Hall in Kąśna Dolna dates back to the first half of the XX century. It is widely recognized, not only thanks its exceptional wooden interior and inimitable atmosphere, but also due to its amazing acoustics. It was modernized in 2018, which made it even more attractive for numerous musicians, who are willing to perform there.

Visitors of Kąśna Dolna and participants of different festivals in the Centre are able to enjoy grand concerts with the best quality sound. Check all planned concerts here: CONCERTS.

Relax and have a cup of coffee

The Maestro Cafe is the favorite place of all visitors who wish to sit down and have a sip of delicious coffee or tea in a picturesque surrounding. The obligatory drink for every guest is the so-called “Formula for success”, which consists of 1% of talent, 9% of happiness and 90% of hard work. Sounds good?

Enjoy the nature

Jan Paderewski landscape park in Kąśna Dolna

Jan Paderewski landscape park in Kąśna Dolna

16 ha of English-style landscape park gives its visitors a perfect space for enjoyable walks among nature. Discover traditional bird species and diverse vegetation created by nature and the work of the finest gardeners. The main route is called the Lime Alley which leads to the forest.

The park is free to enter! 

Visiting the Centre – practical information

The Paderewski Centre and its Museum are more and more popular among Poles and international tourists. The place is suitable for everybody from all age ranges – for individuals, families, friends and couples. You are welcome to bring your own pet as well.

You can visit the Paderewski’s House with a guide which will allow you to familiarize with the place in the best way possible. One tour takes about 1 hour and the maximum number of tourists in one group is 30.

Accomodation in Kąśna Dolna

If you wish to stay in Kęśna Dolna overnight, there are 21 rooms for visitors located in the House of Creative Work. The prices are relatively low, considering that guests can enjoy staying in this beautiful area in a historical place. All rooms are fully equipped with a TV, Wi-Fi, a radio and private or shared bathroom. Guests can also use the dining area and all kitchen utilities.

If you decide to stay overnight, you will be able to enjoy visiting the Museum and participating in all concerts for free!

There are also free parking lots and bikes for rent to fully enjoy the picturesque area.


  • Full ticket – 8 PLN
  • Reduced ticket – 6 PLN
  • Guide – 30 PLN

Opening hours

Paderewski’s House :

  • Tuesday – Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Paderewski’s Park:

  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

How to get to Kąśna Dolna?

Kąśna Dolna is a small village located in Lesser Poland Voivodeship in southern Poland. There are several bigger cities around it, including Tarnów (44 km), Nowy Sącz (35 km) and Ciężkowice (6 km).

The biggest city around is Kraków, from where you will find several options, a private transport being the best option. If you decide to visit Paderewski’s Centre and have a few more free days, it is highly recommended to see Krakow as well. It is one of the most attractive places in Poland, bringing thousands of visitors from around the world every day.

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