Kazimierz town hall

Kazimierz, the current Krakow district, over the years was an independent village. In 1335 King Kazimierz Wielki gave it city rights, and the town was called after him. As the Kazimierz has been developing, there was a necessity to create a place for its government. As a result, in 1414, town hall construction started. 

During the Austrian occupation, Kazimierz became a part of Krakow, and the town hall was put up for auction. From this moment, a building located o Plac Wolnica frequently changed its owners. In 1830 Parliament located their school for Jewish children, then, in 1837, it changed for industrial and commercial school. Over the years in Kazimierz town hall, there were also two other schools, multiple offices until finally, in 1947, the Krakow government decided to create here Ethnographic Museum.


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