Korzeniowski Nałęcz Apollo

Korzeniowski’s Nałęcz Apollo was a poet, playwright, and translator. was born in 1820 in Honoratka in Podolia, he was the father of Joseph Conrad.

He studied Oriental studies and law in St. Petersburg, then moved to Warsaw, where he edited the “Dwutygodnik” magazine. He collaborated with pre-uprising underground groups and was a co-organizer of patriotic demonstrations, for which he was imprisoned and sentenced. For 5 years he and his family were in exile in Wołgograd and Czernichów, where his wife died. After his release, he lived for some time in Lviv, and later in Krakow, where he died in 1869. He was buried at the Rakowicki Cemetery.

His most famous works are:

  • “Komedia”
  • “Dla miłego grosza”
  • “Akt pierwszy”
  • “Polska i Moskwa”
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