Krakow natural monuments

As a natural monument, we call every natural feature that has an outstanding value due to its inherent rarity. In Krakow, there are only perennial trees considered as monuments.

When it becomes a natural monument?

Every tree, which on the height of 130 centimeters has a diameter of at least 120 centimeters – for oaks and poplars; and 100 cm diameter for pine, spruce, fir, larch, linden, willow, beech is classed as a natural monument.

How many of it we have in Krakow?

Specifically, there are thirty-four natural monuments in Krakow: eight ashes, five oaks, and elms, three beeches and maples, two of black poplar, linden and plane trees, and one representative each: sycamore, hornbeam, robinia, and white poplar.

Where it can be found?

All of these natural monuments are spread around Krakow so searching for them can be a great opportunity to get to know the city 🙂 

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