Krakows proverbs

About Krakow, Krakowians there are many different proverbs, proverbial expressions, the so-called adjectives which Samuel Adalberg carefully noted in his “Book of Polish Proverbs” from 1894. Some of them are presented below:

  • Even if you go to Krakow and the poverty is the same there
  • Civitas Cracovia: buy yourself as me – Which meant that you cannot live without money in Krakow
  • There are quite a few herrings in Krakow, but there is always someone sitting next to each
  • And Krakow for six cents, who does not have them, dear
  • If there were no Rome, then Krakow would be Rome
  • In Krakow, you will not get only father and mother for money
  • In Krakow: what is red is nice and what is sweet is good
  • Rare as a church in Krakow – which means: quite the opposite
  • To Krakow and Vilnius – because it is very urgent – which means that someone got lost
  • Steal, smash but avoid Krakow – this is a warning, as in Krakow there was a court on criminals
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