Księżarski Feliks

Księżarski Feliks was an architect born in Kraków in 1820. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University in 1835-1837, then at the Technical University in Munich and Karlsruhe. He also graduated from the military artillery and engineering school in Metz, and later worked as a road and bridge conductor in Paris. He settled permanently in Krakow in 1848, where he continued the work of Karol Kremer on the reconstruction and conservation of Collegium Maius. His greatest work was the construction of the university building of Collegium Novum. He died in 1990 in Krakow.

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Kremer Karol was an architect, restorer and builder. He was born in 1812 in Krakow. He studied at the Jagiellonian University, later became a builder and then director of construction. He married Maria Grabowska. Karol Estreicher was his brother-in-law. The main contribution of Karol Kremer was the introduction of modern fire
Jagiellonian University
Jagiellonian University was established in 1364. It is the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in the world. Today, Jagiellonian University is one of the most prestigious. Thousands of students draw inspiration from the legacy of University’s most famous alumni, such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Wislawa Szymborska and Karol Wojtyla (later Pope
Jagiellonian University Museum
Jagiellonian University Museum is located in University’s oldest building – Collegium Maius. Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364 by king Casimir III the Great. Initially, it did not have a headquarters and lectures were probably held in the Wawel Castle. In 1400, king Wladyslaw II Jagiello purchased a building at the
Main Square
The Main Square in Krakow is a large, almost 430,000 ft2 square in the very heart of the historic Old Town. It is one of the largest of all grand squares in medieval cities of Europe and is by far the most beautiful. With its many well preserved and colourful townhouses,
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