Long-haul flight – top tips on how to survive it

how to survive long haul flight

We all know dreamy R.Kelly and one of his biggest hits: „I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”. Sure you do when you’re in the plane for long hours, more than 10 km above the ground. But, is flying as idyllic as presented in songs and pop culture? Well, I hope this article will help you make it look like it.

Many people are getting nervous, anxious and concerned before entering the plane. But is it really necessary? Let’s start our count through some facts and tips on how to take it easy and enjoy yourself thinking only about the exotic and distant destination rather than a journey.



First thing that may help you out is to know that planes are the safest way of transport of them all. The chance to win a lottery is many times bigger than to have a plane crush. How many of you have won the lottery? Exactly. Not mentioning I haven’t won, I don’t even know anybody who has.

Now, as we are calmed that nothing will happen to us, let’s move on to practical tips that will help you make the best of the time spend in the air.


plane seat long haulOne of the things you can do in advance to ensure a nice flying experience is booking a comfortable seat. What is important when choosing one is its location and leg room. Every passenger has different priorities, some prefer to choose window and enjoy the view and prop against it to sleep and others take advantage of the aisle space for legs and the ease to leave the row and move around the plane. However, when choosing a seat there’s one rule that will be valid for all the passengers… NEVER take the seat close to the bathroom. There will be a long queue panting above your head leaving you with no privacy and personal space at all.

Jet lag

Be ready for the jet lag. How? Well, first of all you should know the time difference. Setting world clocks on your mobile phone a few days before leaving may be a good option. Having done this, try to slowly adjust your routine to the new time zone.


charging phones before flightPrepare yourself for the journey and charge all the electronic devices you will have on board. They may serve you as a source of entertainment and when you will get to your destination as translation tools and a way of keeping in touch. Even if your devices are fully charged, sometimes it is not enough. If you are aware that the condition of your batteries is not on fleek, have a power bank on hand.


Next thing you should think of is clothing. The more comfortable, the better. You will spend many hours in what you’ll pick up to wear. You will sleep, eat, switch 300 positions and repeat all of the mentioned actions so it is quite important not to feel limited because of the unlucky wardrobe choices. Some passengers bring on board their slippers to feel at home!


As you have already took your seat and the plane took off, remember to stand up, wander around the plane a bit every now and then. It will help your circulation flow and will prevent you from thrombosis.

Food and drinks

Some people to get rid of the nerves and fall asleep fast would suggest having a drink but it’s the worst thing you can actually do! It is important to stay hydrated during the flight and these beverages, just as coffee, dehydrate. Another tip related to diet, is to bring your own snacks. The airline will provide 2 or 3 meals but who doesn’t get hungry when bored? Regular trips to the fridge are on the daily basis in the hours of monotony and in this case our hand luggage may do for a fridge full of tasty goodies.


Drink water long haul flightAs I’ve mentioned previously, we should keep ourselves hydrated as the air conditioning in the cabin dries our body enormously. Drinking water is extremely important but we shouldn’t forget about our eyes and skin. Eye drops and skin moisturiser are a must-have in our travel kit. If you can, it’s also better to avoid heavy makeup and on various occasions apply creams instead.


Sleeping, eating and sitting with your mouth shut may cause you a certain discomfort so be prepared and have a mini toothpaste and toothbrush in the cabin. If you want to refresh yourself, you can also carry a mini deodorant and a facial mist.

Get some sleep

Even if you are very active person, at some point of the long flight you will get tired and end up being in the land of Nod. To avoid stiff neck it is important to remember about the travel pillow. If you are sensible to the light
s and sounds, take as well the sleep mask and earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones with you.


reading book flightIn todays world we are lacking time to do unwinding activities. Take advantage of many hours in the air and prepare something you like to do – a notebook and a pencil to sketch or doodle, a book to read, games to play on the phone or a console, music to listen or yarn and needles to knit. Whatever works for you, go for it but always remembering about the comfort of other passengers.

To sum up, bear in mind the safety of flying and revise all the described steps before setting off. Your refreshing kit should include:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • deodorant,
  • moisturiser,
  • eye drops,
  • a mist.

Have water and snacks within your reach, charge your devices and don’t forget about all the things to rest comfortably. I hope that bearing all of it in mind, on your next flight you will believe you can fly and believe you can touch the sky.

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