In Krakow, there are many monuments, commemorative plaques, outdoor sculptures and others decorating city streets and parks. Few of them are described below:

Michał Bałucki – in the Planty Park, behind Słowacki’s theater, a bust of the author of T. Błotnicki

Wojciech Bednarksi – at Parkowa in Podgórze, and in the W. Bednarski Park, a bust of the author S. Popławski. Wojciech Bogusławski – next to Wacław Sieroszewski, the site of Nowa Huta, it is a stone with the inscription “W. Bogusławski. Krakowiacy i Górale 1794 in the village of Mogiła”

Józefa Dietla – on All Saints Square, next to the Franciscan Church, a monument of the first autonomous president of Krakow in 1866-1874, the author was Xavery Dunikowski.

Grunwaldzki – on Matejki Square, funded by Ignacy Paderewski and unveiled in 1910 on the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, authors: Antoni Wiwulski and Franciszek Black. The monument was demolished by the Germans between November 1939 and February 1940. It was rebuilt in 1976 and Marian Konieczny was the author of the reconstruction. At the top of the monument there is a horse statue of Jagiełło, on the pedestal in the front, Prince Witold standing over the lying corpse of the Grand Master Urlich von Jungingen, on the right side a Polish group: a soldier with a mace in his hand and a squire collecting abandoned enemy banners. On the left, a Lithuanian group: a warrior calling his companions with the voice of a horn, and a Teutonic prisoner next to him. In the back there is a figure of a Polish peasant breaking his chains.

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