Nowy Świat (New World)

The suburb of Krakow, lying behind the Vistula Gate, once closing st. Wiślna. In the past, they were called Na Stróży, because in the 16th century there was an office which charged a fee for fish brought through the Vistula Gate to Kraków. Currently, it is the area of ​​Zwierzyniecka Street. It is not known when the name Nowy Świat appeared for the first time. Ambrose Grabowski insisted that the suburb on the former ponds in front of the Castle had this name as early as 1674. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was a municipal garbage dump. In the years 1838-1839, the Planty planted here was extended, and the areas behind the Planty were built with manors. Jacenty Kochanowski bought a garden and a house located on the present corner of ul. Józef Piłsudski and ul. Straszewski and built a hotel and to this day this place is called kochanow – now the State Higher School of Theater. On the other side of Nowy Świat, on the canal discharging sewage from Kraków to the Vistula River, there was a house called Spain. It was owned by the Dzianottis who had a property in the Main Square.  Center of Nowy Świat was occupied by the Royal Garden, which gradually deteriorated and with time became a timber yard, and then turned into Zwierzyniecka Street.

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