Each country included in the Austro-Hungarian state had its patron saint, and such a patron of Galicia was St. Michael, Grand Duchy of Krakow – St. Stanisław, Lower Austria – St. Leopold, Upper Austria – St. Florian, Bukowiny – St. John of Suceava, Solnogod – St. Rupert and St. Joseph etc. The difference between Galicia and the Grand Duchy of Krakow was marked not only in the name, but also in the celebration of the national holiday on the left bank of the Vistula – it was held on St. Stanislaus, and on the right – on St. Michael’s Day

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Before World War I, on the south-eastern slope of the hill called Sikornik, the Society for the Construction of Cheap Housing Houses planned the construction of a residential and clerical estate. The competition for the design of the estate was announced in 1908, and it was won by Roman Bandurski,
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Krakow Lagiewniki
Contents1 DIVINE MERCY PAINTING2 REGULAR HOLY MASSES IN KRAKOW LAGIEWNIKI3 SANCTUARY OF THE DIVINE MERCY – HOW TO GET THERE3.1 OTHER OBJECTS IN THE DIVINE MERCY SANCTUARY3.2 MAP Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Krakow Lagiewniki is a very important place for the divine mercy cult. Above all, it is
Main Square
Contents1 2 Location of the Main Square3 History of the Krakow Main Square3.1 Witness of Polish history4 Landmarks of the Main Square5 The Main Square today The Main Square in Krakow is a large, almost 430,000 ft2 square in the very heart of the historic Old Town. It is one of
Jewish Culture Festival
Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is an annual event organised since 1988 in the once Jewish district of Kazimierz. The festival aims to popularise Jewish culture, history, and faith, which flourished in Poland before the Holocaust. Jewish Culture Festival is organised in close collaboration with such institutions as Jewish Community Centre of
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