Podolacy – this was the name of the group in eastern Galicia in the 1860s and 1870s, which united the landowners who supported the autonomy of Galicia, but in which the advantage of the Ukrainians would be limited. Podolians also tried to maintain restrictions on the rights of the Jewish population. This movement was headed by min. Kazimierz Grocholscy, Kornel Krzeczunowicz, Dawiid Abrahamowicz, Wojciech Dzieduszycki. The former Podolish people, on the contrary, were heading towards national democracy, which they later became a support. The Stańczyk family is a high level of political thought, while Podolians are people who preach a socially conservative and nationalist program.

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Flows through the city from the west to the east, below Kraków turns north-east. Flowing through the eastern end of the Grzbiet Tęczyński , it creates a amazing ravine. During a low water level, 26 cubic meters of water flow down the Vistula per second, during an average state of
Corpus Christi Basilica
Corpus Christi Basilica is one of only few remaining Christian buildings in the district of Kazimierz that had become predominantly Jewish in character over the centuries. Corpus Christi Basilica was erected in stages, beginning in 1340 and finished in the mid-15th century. It was one of many foundations of king Casimir
Jewish Community Centre of Krakow
The Jewish Community Centre of Krakow focuses on ensuring growth and cultural development of the Jewish community in Krakow. Through organising various events and activities, it brings together people of Jewish background as well as those simply interested in Jewish culture, religion and traditions. Regularly the JCC hosts exhibitions, festivals,
Stained Glass Museum and Workshop
Stained Glass Museum and Workshop continues the traditions of the S. G. Zelenski Stained Glass Company, established in 1902. It combines an active stained glass workshop with a “living museum”. The workshop draws on the experience of the Zelenski Company and is the oldest such establishment operating continuously in Poland. It is
Hipolit House
Hipolit House in a branch of the Historical Museum of Krakow, located in the townhouse (Polish kamienica) near St. Mary’s Basilica. The building was turned into a museum in 2003 after a series of renovations. Its origins date back to 14th century and since then it had been owned by several
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