Popiel Paweł – activist from Krakow

Popiel was born in 1807 in Krakow, where he also died in 1892. Known for his activity in politics and publicists. Pawel started his career with law studies at Warsaw University, which he continued in Paris. After returning to Warsaw, Popiel becomes a Member of the local spirituality committee. As he lived in turbulent times in Polish history, Pawel participated in the November Uprising. However, he condemned supporters of the subsequent January Uprising.
After his homecoming to Krakow, Popiel began actively work towards constituting the Polish language as the official one. In 1848 he became a co-founder of “Czas” (Time) journal. On its pages, they popularized the Polish language and literature.
As an activist, Popiel was a member of the Galician Parliament between 1874 and 1881. His complicity in establishing the Krakow Scientific Society, activism in monument renewal, and rebuilding churches after fires in 1850 has been appreciated. Pawel was chosen as Honorary Citizen of Krakow in 1890.
Popiel was also a publicist, as his legacy, he left us with “Pamiętniki” (Diaries) and “Pisma (Letters) published posthumously.
Funny anecdote – besides his activism, Popiel was known for his characteristic, long nose about which revolved rhyme: Mr. Popiel in the home, his nose on the street. 🙂

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