Popławski Wacław

Poplawski Waclaw originally comes from Lithuania, where he was born in the 1866 year. Nobleman of Trzask Coat of Arms moved with his family to the village on Krakow‘s suburbs in 1892. He also lived in Wola Duchacka (currently Krakow’s district) and finally in Krakow, on Topolowa and then Pod Kopcem street.

Why is Popławski Wacław so important for Krakow’s history?

Over the years, he held the position of engine house Warden in Prokocim on suburbs of Krakow. In memory of citizens, he is alive as a social worker, co-founder of housing community: Railway workers’ building their own houses, become even its director in 1926. Awarded as Honorary Citizen of Prokocim (currently district of Krakow) in 1929.

To remain in citizens’ memory, one of the streets in the Prokocim-Bieżanów quarter is named after him.

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