Puszcza Niepołomicka – forest fields on Krakows’ suburbs

A huge expanse of forest fields located on the east part of Krakow is called Puszcza Niepołomicka. It used to be the primary source of wood for nearby Salt Mines in Bochnia and Wieliczka. Now Puszcza Niepołomicka covers only 10700 hectares of public woods and 280 hectares private ones.

Owing to Krakow’s close location, Puszcza Niepolomicka became a place of weekends trips; we can find here camping resort and swimming pool. In this area live multiple species; here, Kings of Poland were hunting over the centuries.

In Puszcza Niepołomicka there are created five Nature Reserves with a total area of 100ha:

“Koło” – it covers 3.13 ha, that is a shelter for a multi-species stand like small-leaved linden, oak, hornbeams, birch trees, elms;

“Lipówka” – created in 1957, some oaks has over 3 metres in a circuit; this resort is not available for visitors;

“Gibiel” – here we can find beautiful 150 hundred years old oaks, in example Jagiełło Oak with circuit over 8 metres!;

“Długosz Królewski” – it is called folklore reserve, preserves royal fern – rare species in Poland;

“Wiślisko Kobyłe” – covers part of former Vistula riverbed and protect auquatic plants.

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