On the edge of Las Wolski, next to Panienski Rocks, thanks to the initiative of the eminent ethnographer Seweryn Udziela, an open-air museum of folk architecture was established in 1927. The most valuable object transferred here was a small wooden church with a tower, built in the 17th century, and according to some sources in the 15th century. Its characteristic tower with an overhanging chamber was built before 1644. It was transported in 1949 from Komorowice near Bielsko. Unfortunately, it burned down completely in 1978, but it was reconstructed by highlander carpenters. Its underground part is decorated with sculptures by Bronisław Chromy. In 1952 an old inn from Pasieka near Czernichów Żywiecki was moved to the open-air museum – now it houses a presbytery. The third object of the open-air museum is the manor house from Trzyciąż near Wolbrom.

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Flows through the city from the west to the east, below Kraków turns north-east. Flowing through the eastern end of the Grzbiet Tęczyński , it creates a amazing ravine. During a low water level, 26 cubic meters of water flow down the Vistula per second, during an average state of
The Krakow Chamber of Tourism was established on April 4, 1992 by 65 tourist offices, hotels and restaurants. Its main goal is to raise the profile of tourism in Krakow, protect economic interests and run a tourist information center. The main tasks are to ensure the high quality of tourist
Folk Art Fair
Every year in August, Krakow Main Market Square is crammed with stalls selling folk arts and crafts. Folk Art Fair lasts for over two weeks and occupies a large part of the Main Square in front of the Cloth Hall. In addition to selling all sorts of folk goods and
Wawel Castle
Contents1 Wawel Castle history1.1 The pearl of Renaissance1.2 Wawel Castle sword2 Wawel Castle Cathedral3 Wawel Castle Dragon4 Wawel Castle tickets and opening hours5 Wawel Castle Map Wawel Castle is located on Wawel Hill in Krakow, ancient capital of Poland. Wawel Castle had been the residence of Polish kings for centuries
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