The Republic of Krakow

You may feel confused right now and think – what, Republic of Krakow? I am here to explain.

The official name was – Free, Independent, and Strictly Neutral City of Krakow with Its District. With the Congress of Vienna from 3rd May 1815, the republic was established. It covered an area of 1150 square kilometers, had a population of 87984, included three cities – Krakow, Chrzanow, and Nowa Wies, in addition – 224 villages. At the head of the government was the Ruling Senate. However, the Jagiellonian University was beyond their control. It is worth pointing that the Krakow Republic was cared for by Russia, Austria, and Prus.

Between 1836 and 1841 Republic of Krakow has been occupied by the Austrian. It was disbanded in 1846.

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