TOP 10: Attractions in Los Angeles

hollywood sign Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many attractions whether it is Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood. It is famous for its expansive beaches, the entertainment industry, a great culinary scene, nightlife, and expansive beaches. Down to the essential bits, it’s essential to experienced attractions that make it a peculiar city.

Any day you visit Los Angeles, you can hike up a mountain, swim in the sea, shop or see someone famous. Therefore, when thinking about packing for the ultimate adventure in LA, ensure your suitcase is filled with hiking boots, swimming suits, many souvenirs, and hiking boots. The ten top attractions in Los Angeles include:

1. La Brea Tar Pits

Whether these pits are an archaeological marvel or an oddity of nature is something one needs to interpret. Anyway you think about it, they are free, unique and a place to have a date. You can see asphalt bubble up and seep through cracks in the earth just as it has been doing for sixty-five years and watch teams of archaeologists working to excavate fossils. Scientists have discovered many remains including a wooly mammoth in 2006.

2. Warner Bros Studio tour

Warner Bros StudioThe studio complex is a bustling and exciting old to new and old Hollywood. You can access interactive exhibits, sound stages, and locations where favorite TV shows and favorite teams. The 2-hour tour includes a stop at the DC Universe: The Exhibit and Central Perk from Friends as well as Batmobiles throughout the years.

3. Peterson Automotive

If you love vehicles, the Peterson Automotive Museum is the right place to visit. Rotating exhibits ensure that all trips are unique. Many events can keep your interests piqued as you drive. One interesting part of the museum is the vault where 250 or more rare vehicles are on display.

4. OUE Skyspace

The OUE Skyspace soars 69 floors above downtown, LA, which is the ideal way to get a handle on the scope and size of the whole city. Gain access for an entire day to the epic views along with informational movies and interactive displays about the city. The space also includes a glass side that whips you down to a lower floor that helicopters buzz between skyscrapers that are close by. All over the year, QUE space holds events, which include movie screenings, sunrise and sunrise yoga, and various holiday parties.

5. Natural History Museum

This is a classic museum located in downtown LA, which is a must-visit. Situated in Exposition Park, it opened in 1913. It now houses more than 35 million artifacts, including the Triceratops fossil and Dinosaur Hall with T-Rex trio, and Nature Gardens with over 600 plant species.

6. Hollywood sign

This iconic sign was erected originally to market properties in the Hollywood Hills and it represents the excitement and glamor in the movie industry. Most people who visit Los Angeles want to take a picture of the sign, but one cannot get close to it. These days, The 45 foot (14 meters) high letters that are perched on Mt Lee are blocked off by barriers and the most suitable places to park and take photographs are at The Lake Hollywood Park, The Griffith Observatory, and Highland Center shopping mall.

7. Rodeo Drive

rodeo drive los angelesThis drive is located in a 16-square block area called the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive is a famous shopping street in Los Angeles. Even though some people buy the expensive designer clothing and accessories, Rodeo Drive is a tourist hot spot. It is difficult not to window shop on this drive. There is also a chance of spotting celebrities shopping for the latest styles.

8. Santa Monica Pier

This is a world-famous drive that attracts attention at all times. With its cobblestone street and European architecture, it appears more like a theme park or mall. Actually, it is two piers in one. With its pier end restaurant and bait shop, the longer section is a characteristic of many Southern California piers. It’s the short adjacent pier constructed in 1916 which attracts many visitors. An elevated plaza links two piers has an amusement park with a wooden carousel, vintage roller coaster, and one of the most recognizable landmarks in LA.

9. Hollywood walk of fame

In the 1950s, people started to memorialize celebrities with stars embedded into sidewalks. This was to keep Hollywood’s glamor alive. Over 2,500 stars have been added over the years since the permanent installation at Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street in 1960. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce operates the programs and has been successful. Every year, around 10 million visitors stroll along the sidewalk searching for their favorite actors, musicians, singers, directors or television personalities.

Marilyn Monroe star hollywood

10. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios is one of the sprawling complexes in The San Fernando Valley best known for its theme park that families visit. The majority of the attractions and park rides are centered on blockbuster movies that provide an immersive experience for fans of films that range from Waterworld to King Kong. You can also take behind-the-scenes studio tours. The complex also includes an outdoor shopping center, Universal CityWalk, and outdoor shopping centers where visitors can catch live performances, watch celebrities and see a movie.


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