Aleksandrowicz Adolf

Aleksandrowicz Adolf was born in 1811, he was a pharmacist, chemist, balneologist, was born and died in Krakow.

He studied chemistry first in Jagiellonian University, then in Berlin, after this he came back to Krakow to become an assistant at the department of chemistry and pharmacy in Jagiellonian University. In 1840 he became an owner of the building at Main Market Square 13 where the XV century pharmacy known as “Pod Złotą Głową”(Under the Golden Head) was located.

Aleksandrowicz was famous for exploring mineral waters at Galicja region, analysing drinking water in Krakow. He took part in Krakow revolt in 1846, and in Krakow events of Springtime of Nations in 1848. Since then he was providing active social and political life and in 1863 he became the governor of rebellion Krakow which at that time was occupied by Austria. Both his wife and son were involved in insurgent activities.  In 1864 he was arrested and imprisoned at Wawel castle for 10 months , then at Ołomuniec for 1 year. After Adolf’s release he came back to active social and political life. He died in 1875. One of streets in Swoszowice district was named after him.

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