Anczyc Władysław

Anczyc Władysław Marceli was born in 1894, he was a doctor of musicology and a pianist. He was a son of Anczyc Wacław, famous Krakow printer and historian, and he became the last one in Anczyc dynasty. He inherited the family business, printing house, in 1938, but in fact it was managed by Ferdynard Pieradzki. Władysław was mobilized to the army with the rank of captain in 1939. As a prisoner of war he was first taken to Starobielsk and then executed with almost 4 thousands Polish officers in Charkov in 1940. He is burried at Polish military cemetery in Charkov.

Anczyc Printing house

During the war conspiracy organizations were printing there fake documents to help Polish citizens and partisans. The building of the printing house was demolished in 1970, many valuable manuscripts and documents were lost forever.

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Anczyc Wacław was born in 1866, he was a printer, owner of the printing house, historian. His farther was Anczyc Władysław Ludwik, famous Krakow writer, poet and printer. Wacław was studying history first at Jagiellonian University, then in Lipsk. After his farther’s death in 1883 he inherited his printing house.
Anczyc dynasty is from Saxony, Johann von Anschutz arrived to Poland approx. at the first half of the XVIII century with the army of August II. After the army left Poland Johann decided to stay here, at Breść close to river Bug, soon after this he was given the Polish
It is a Latin phrase meaning nourishing mother. Students used to give this name to their universities, which were giving them the spiritual food. In Poland only one university was honored to be called this way, it was Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the oldest one in Poland.
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