Anczyc Wacław

Anczyc Wacław was born in 1866, he was a printer, owner of the printing house, historian. His farther was Anczyc Władysław Ludwik, famous Krakow writer, poet and printer.

Wacław was studying history first at Jagiellonian University, then in Lipsk. After his farther’s death in 1883 he inherited his printing house. Thanks to his hard work printing business developed and prospered. He even moved the printing house to the old building of the Resurrectionists Monastary at Zwierzyniecka St 2. Thanks to Wacław in 1910 was founed a school for printers. He died in 1938.

His son Władysław became the last Anczyc in their dynasty.

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Anczyc Władysław Ludwik was born in 1823, he was a son of famous actor and director Anczyc Zygmunt.  He was using several pseudonims: Kazimierz Góralczyk, W.A.Lassota . He finished studies to become an apothecary, but, because of his conflict with pharmacy supervision organization, he was fired from the Jagiellonian University
Anczyc dynasty is from Saxony, Johann von Anschutz arrived to Poland approx. at the first half of the XVIII century with the army of August II. After the army left Poland Johann decided to stay here, at Breść close to river Bug, soon after this he was given the Polish
Anczyc Zygmunt was born in 1783, he was an actor, stage director, translator and writer. He was the grandson of the first of Anczyc dynasty in Poland, Johann von Anczyc and son of Jan Zygmunt Anczyc. He was studying in Wrocław, then he did military service in Austrian army, and
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