Antique bookshops

At the beginning of the XVII century one outstanding Jewish bookseller appears. Chronicles state that he was bringing books even from Venice, that was quite a rear thing at those times. In 1618 the book store was closed by king Zygmunt III, as its existence was inducing the anti-Jewish tumults. However the interest for the old and rare books was growing and at the end of the XVIII century the market of antique books was almost formed. In 1806 emperor Francis II  allowed to sell books only at some particular places, like the area close to St Francis Church, in the courtyard of Hetmańska house(Main Market Sq 17), in front of Szara house(Main Market Sq 7). In 1836 Jewish businessmen were forbidden to trade at the Main Market Sq, so they had to move to the area of St. Cross church and street Szpitalna. Even now the most of antique book shops are located in that particular place. The most famous stores are connected with the names of Jewish families, Friedlein, Munnich, Taffet, Seiden.

Szpitalna Street on a map

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