A-B is the northern frontage of the Main Market Square in Krakow, located between Sławkowska and Floriańska streets. The other frontages are called C-D (between Sławkowska and Anny streets), E-F (between Wiślna and Grodzka streets), G-H (between Grodzka Street and Mariacki Square). A-B frontage is the most famous one, it used to be the most popular place for Sunday promenades and meeting at the café and restaurants.

Michal Balucki was writing in 1870 in his column in „Kraj” newspaper:

“A-B is Krakow. If somebody is not home, you will find him on A-B. Do you want to know how many people are praying in St. Mary’s Church on Sunday and holidays? Go to A-B and count. Do you want to know which lady has a new dress? Go to A-B and she will show it to you. Are you looking for a company for breakfast? Go to A-B. People there are giving each other bitter and sweet rendez-vou, fall in love and break up, politicize and argue, get to know and idle, chronicle is collecting there news. In brief, heart and mouth of Krakow are there, there are its legs and eyes and other outstanding parts.”


A-B frontage on the map

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