Badenich Palace

Located was at Sławkowska 32 street. In the past, there was a hotel “under Sobieski” here. In the years 1882-1883, it was rebuilt according to the design of Karol Zaremba into a palace for Countess Brandysowa, and later for the Baden family. In 1921, the belvedere was built according to the design of Józef Pokutyński. The famous cafe of Noworolski’ – Literacka cafe was located on the ground floor. An Italian cafe was to be built on the first floor by the Germans in 1939-1945, but the reconstruction was not completed in time. After the war, it housed the Association of Polish Journalists, after them the building returned to its pre-war owner – the Catholic Scientific Institute, then there was an Artistic and Graphic Publishing House, then the National Publishing Agency, and then the School of Management of the Jagiellonian University.

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