Bandtkie Jerzy Samuel

Bandtkie Jerzy Samuel was an outstanding bibliographer, linguist and researcher of Silesia. He was born in 1768 in Lublin and died in 1835 in Kraków. For some time he taught Polish in Wrocław. In 1811 he moved to Krakow, where he obtained a doctorate from the Jagiellonian University. Later, he became the director of the Jagiellonian Library, cataloged and organized the collections of the post-Jesuit college of the Jagiellonian University Library, became a professor of bibliography, and opened a reading room. Bandtkie was a member of the Krakow Scientific Society. In many works he proved the Polishness of Silesia, he also wrote Polish grammar for the Germans. He is buried in the Rakowicki Cemetery.

He published such magazines as:

  • “Miscelanea Cracoviensis”
  • “Scientific Variety”
  • “Krakow Diary of Sciences and Fine Arts”

He also wrote such works as:

  • “History of Krakow Printing Houses”
  • “History of the Library of the Jagiellonian University”
  • “News about perhaps the oldest Polish Psalter”


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