Humbert Szczepan

Humbert Szczepan was an architect and builder. He was born in Paris in 1756. In 1775 he came to Warsaw, where he received a patent from King Stanisław August for the builder of the city of Kraków.

His main architectural works are:

  • restoration of the Bishop’s Palace at Franciszkańska street
  • reconstruction and adaptation of three tenement houses at Sławkowska street, St. Thomas street and St. John street at the hotel “Pod Węgierskim Królem”
  • reconstruction of the “Pod Różą” hotel on Floriańska Street
  • reconstruction of the house “Pod Murzynami” after a fire
  • reconstruction of the house at Szczepański Square into the Stary Theater
  • reconstruction of the facade of the Massalski Palace at All Saints Square (Plac Wszystkich Świętych)
  • he was a co-author of the Kościuszki Mound

In 1827, Humbert funded three scholarships for poor craft students. He died in Krakow in 1829, and before his death, he gave all his property to the city. With this money, the Technical Institute was established to educate young people in various trades. One of the streets in Krakow is named after him.

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