Białoprądnicki Mansion

It stands at Papiernicza 2 st in Krakow. There used to be a hospital for the Duchaks, as well as an industrial center: mills, paper mills, fulling mills using the power of the Prądnik River. In 1547, the bishop of Kraków, Samuel Maciejowski, built a beautiful palace here – the summer residence of the bishops of Kraków. In this manor house Ł. Górnicki collected materials for his work “Dworzanin”. Jan Kochanowski and Szymon Szymonowic also stayed here. In 1697, Augustus II’s ceremonial entry to Krakow for the coronation at Wawel began from this place. The building was defensive, it was guarded by 33 cannons, but the Swedes destroyed it during the invasion of Krakow – it was rebuilt after years, but the Russians destroyed it. The great fire of Krakow destroyed it completely, and now only a part of it has survived. The nearby Community Center takes care of the building, restores it and organizes concerts, jazz club performances and poetry evenings.

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In 1948, a state institution for programming, methodology and organization of socio-cultural activities was established, later called Community Center. The first place in Krakow was in the Pod Baranami palace, at Rynek Glowny 27 st.Like many others, this institution was reorganized and resulted in the creation of Provinvial level. Centeres
Prince, archbishop of Krakow, cardinal. He came from an old magnate family of the Lis coat of arms, from the Galician Sapieha line, representing the patriotic and social line. Father Adam helped the January insurgents, a political and economic activist imprisoned by the Austrians. Mother Jadwiga, a known patriot and
Wawel Castle
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