Bike routes in Krakow – explore the charming city and its surroundings on two wheels!

Bike routes in Krakow

Krakow is an breathtakingly beautiful and captivating city. It is situated in such an interesting region that everywhere around it are exciting tourist spots. Instead of using a car, it is worth exploring the city by bike. Does Krakow have a well-developed bicycle infrastructure? Are the cycling routes in Krakow attractive? Where can you rent the equipment?  The article below will answer these and many other questions. Ready for a handful of practical knowledge? Let’s begin!

Krakow and bicycle routes – active recreation in the city 

Krakow is one of the most modern and developed cities in Poland, also in terms of bicycle infrastructure. Planty, the Vistula boulevards, the streets of the Old Town, and Wawel – these are places where you can travel by bike efficiently and, above all, safely thanks to the designated bicycle paths. If you want to visit not only the very centre of Krakow, you can easily get to Nowa Huta by bike or enjoy a well-deserved rest in Zakrzówek or Wolski Forest. What is there to do in Krakow? There are many possibilities!

Krakow boasts three main long-distance cycling routes: The Vistula Bicycle Route, EuroVelo 11 and VeloMetropolis, where single-track tours of various distances are organised. Therefore, visiting Krakow on a bike is great fun.

You can easily find the official layout of the city’s bicycle paths online, so you can plan your trips in detail. Because of the beautiful landscapes and numerous attractions, Lesser Poland’s bicycle routes have been gaining popularity in recent years. Experience their charm yourself!

Rent a bike and explore the city! 

Krakow has over a dozen or so bicycle rentals for tourists who came to Lesser Poland to discover new places. If you don’t have your own bike, you can still cruise around Krakow and its surroundings on two wheels. One of the most popular bicycle rentals is ‘Dwa Koła’ (‘Two Wheels’). An hour of rental costs PLN 7. The cost of renting a bike for half a day under 5 hours is PLN 40, and PLN 50 for the whole day (from 10 a.m. to 6p.m.).

Equally popular are Bike Rental, Elmar, Happy Bike, Wagabunda and others. The selection is quite big.

The most attractive bicycle routes in and around Krakow 

There is a wide range of cycling routes at your disposal, both for novice cyclists and avid enthusiasts of two wheels. You can choose the length and level of difficulty of each route to suit your own preferences and fitness. Let us introduce three different bike routes with varying levels of difficulty.

  1. Along the Vistula River to the Benedictine Monastery in Tyniec by bike

A short, picturesque route for those who do not feel up for long bicycle expeditions. It is a much more scenic option than driving by car. The route runs along the cycle path along the famous Vistula embankments. The ride is very simple and pleasant, with no demanding uphill stretches. You will reach the Benedictine Monastery. Admission to the abbey is free of charge, but if you want to visit the entire complex, you must buy tickets. The price of a regular ticket for a visit to the museum and a tour around the monastery is PLN 10. A reduced ticket costs PLN 8, and admission is free for children under 6 years old.

  1. Market Square – Nowa Huta – Kazimierz – intermediate cycling route

The ride from the city centre to Nowa Huta by bike is about 10 km. You can also choose the longer route and ride along the Vistula River. Then you have to factor in a few extra kilometres. But as you know cycling is a great way to stay healthy!

The route begins at Planty. The ride is simple and pleasant. You will pass the Botanical Garden, Park Lotników (Aviators Park). Then you reach Nowa Huta and its main attraction: Plac Centralny im. R. Reagana (Reagan’s Central Square). The socialist realist architecture is unique on a European scale. At the Nowa Huta Cultural Center, you can get a delicious bite from local food trucks. It is worth visiting Łąki Nowohuckie (Nowa Huta Meadows): one of the most treasured natural areas of Kraków. Before you is the Cistercian Abbey in Mogiła. The small wooden church of St Bartholomew the Apostle is also recommendable. Then, the Nowa Huta Lake is waiting for you. Jan Matejko’s Manor House is another attraction on our bicycle route. Krakow has many attractions: on the route you will pass the famous Wanda Mound, Fort Mogiła, and finally reach the Vistula Bicycle Route on the embankment. A few more pedal strokes and you will arrive at Kazimierz. Time to relax!

  1. Kraków – Ojców National Park – advanced route

This is a full day trip. The route varies: it can be muddy, rocky or with car traffic. There are places where you have to walk your bike down a steep hill. The trip starts in Krakow in Park Krowoderski. First, you reach Zielonki. Then, you pass the famous Czerwony Mostek, Pękowice, Kwietniowe Doły – the path is picturesque, but very steep. Afterwards, you reach the Prądnik Valley. You should perhaps drop by a pub called “Pod Puchaczówką”. Don’t miss the attractions of the Ojców National Park – the Krakow Gate, the Spring of Love, Caves and a beautiful entourage of rocks and vegetation.

Visiting Krakow and the surrounding area on two wheels is an excellent and exciting choice. See for yourself!

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