Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located at 3 Floriańska Street in Krakow. Its dates back to the last century. November 14, 1850 in the government authorities’ house at the church of St. Piotr at ul. Grodzka 52, the first, constitutional meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held, with Wincenty Kirchmayer as its president. That year, the Austrian Ministry of Trade also organized the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Lviv and Brody. The Krakow Chamber included the western districts of Galicia: Wadowicki, Sądecki, Bocheński, Tarnowski, Jasielski, and Rzeszowski. Each circuit delegated two representatives to the Chamber.

The first economic initiatives of the chamber were:

  • the resumption of fairs in Krakow,
  • wool fairs,
  • improvement of communication,
  • regulation of the Vistula River,
  • creation of a Russian consulate,
  • opening a branch of the Austrian National Bank.

The outbreak of World War II interrupted the activities of the Chamber. The chamber was reactivated after the liberation in 1945, but under the new political conditions it could not continue its activity. As a result of the political transformation that took place in 1989, the Chamber was re-established and continues to function today.

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