Ehrenberg Kazimierz

Journalist, publicist, son of Gustaw. Born in Warsaw, died in Geneva. In the years 1895-1901 editor of “Czas” and “Głos Narodu”, in which they published a brutal attack on Ignacy Daszyński. A few days later, a young socialist, Kazimierz Kaczanowski, slapped him on the A-B line in Krakow. From 1902 he worked and published in the Warsaw “Century”, then in “Kurier Poranny”. During World War I, he edited “Echo Polskie” and “Dziennik Polski” in Moscow and St. Petersburg. After the war, in Warsaw, he again collaborated with “Kurier Poranny”, as well as with “Gazeta Polska”.

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Political activist, poet and journalist born in Warsaw. Natural son of Tsar Alexander I and Helena Rautenstrauchowa née Dzierżanowska. In 1833 he began studies at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University. In Warsaw, he began his underground activity in the Association of the Polish People. In
The most known Krakow newspaper, the afternoon Krakow news daily. It has been published since March 10, 1946, initially by the MC of the PPR. The first editor-in-chief was Adam Polewka. From April 1, 1949 to January 31, 1956 it appeared as a mutation of “Express Wieczorny”, from February 1,
In 1990-1995 it was published as a daily newspaper in Krakow, since 1996 it has been a weekly, published by Spółka Akcyjna Arka Press, and it follows the tradition of the former daily of the same name. He publishes articles, interviews, discussions on socio-political issues. Jan Polkowski became the first
Journal issued by the Foundation of the same name. It appears irregularly, it was created in the underground in the UJ in the mid-1980s Krakow. Controversial texts are included – surprising, even though many of the materials are merely literary propositions generally considered interesting.
A monthly magazine in Krakow devoted to the problems of contemporary architecture. There are many materials from the world achievements, examples and documentation of modern solutions. The magazine, with a caring and beautiful layout, has been published since 1992. Its first editor-in-chief was Ewa Smęder, publisher – Firma Wydawniczo-Reklamowa.
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