“Architecture and Business “

A monthly magazine in Krakow devoted to the problems of contemporary architecture. There are many materials from the world achievements, examples and documentation of modern solutions. The magazine, with a caring and beautiful layout, has been published since 1992. Its first editor-in-chief was Ewa Smęder, publisher – Firma Wydawniczo-Reklamowa.

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Suggested Contents
The Geological Museum of the Polish Academy of Sciences is located at 3 Senacka Street next to the Department of Dynamic Geology of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow. The museum houses collections that are over 100 years old. The Polish collection of
Kaiser is a round wheat bun, cross-cut on the top. In the past, it was called the Viennese bun, because that’s where it comes from. It was the favourite baking of the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph, so the Viennese called it Kaiser (this in German means ’emperor’). The bun became
It is a city to the west from Krakow. At the beginning of the XVII century the castellan Krzysztof Koryciński brought there the Bernardin Order from Krakow and build the monastery and the church for them. It was modeled on the  Franciscan hermitage of La Verna (Alvernia in Latin) in Tuscany, Italy. People started to
Cistercian Abbey
Cistercian Abbey in Mogila (today in Nowa Huta district) is one of only a few monasteries in Poland that have been active continuously since its setting-up. Around 1218 the Cistercian Order was invited by Iwon Odrowaz, bishop of Krakow to settle in Mogila, build a monastery and help to jettison the remains
Archaeological Museum
Contents1 Archaeological Museum of Krakow1.1 Swiatowid – the Zbruch Idol1.2 Permanent exhibition2 Collection of Egyptian antiquities2.1 Polish Army field museum in Egypt3 Branches of the Archaeological Museum4 Visit the Archaeological Museum of Krakow4.1 4.2 Main building of the Archaeological Museum4.3 St. Adalbert Church4.4 Branch in Nowa Huta The Archaeological Museum of
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