Eljasz Maria

Painter, embroiderer who also dealt with porcelain painting. She was born and died in Kraków. At Adrian Baraniecki’s courses, she lectured on applied art. She painted landscapes, flowers and book illustrations. She was the daughter of Wojciech.

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Painter, born in Cerekwica in 1814, died in Krakow in 1904. He studied at the Krakow School of Fine Arts, he was also a teacher at the parish school. He mainly painted religious pictures for churches. In the Reformed Church there are his paintings: “The Vision of St. Anthony” and
In the nineteenth century, in Paris, an association operated under this name, referring to the town near Athens, where the most sacred and mysterious mysteries were held in antiquity, extremely hermetic and despite the fact that they operated for many centuries, no one revealed the secret of the rituals and
Elementary disasters destroyed Krakow and its monuments for many millennia. They were: 16 sieges and occupations, not counting the Tatar invasions 36 outbreaks of plague and epidemics such as plague, pestilence, fever, smallpox, cholera 13 catastrophic floods 28 huge fires earthquake Locust raid
It is the oldest bridge magazine in Krakow, even in Poland, you can find there reports from the most important bridge events, profiles of players, interesting deals, stratagems, new systems and gadgets, game maneuvers and many more. The authors include the most prominent Polish and foreign players.
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