Filip Pokutyński

An architect born in Warsaw but died in Krakow. He studied in Berlin, Italy and France. In 1856 he became a professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at the Technical Institute in Krakow. He built a min. building of the Scientific Society of Krakow, St. Stephen and Jude at the monastery of St. Mercy at  Warszawska st., the house of the ordination of counts Mieroszewscy at Krupnicza st. He himself lived in a house he built at 29 Karmelicka Street.

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Krakow is becoming more and more welcoming to cyclists. People living in Krakow every day often choose to ride a bike to avoid wasting time in traffic jams. Among visitors cycling in Krakow is becoming a very popular way of sightseeing. Krakow has a lot to offer in terms of cycling
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Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum of Krakow is the oldest such establishment in Poland. Originally called the Museum of Antiquity, it opened in 1850. The Museum was founded by a group of intellectuals and academics who were the members of the Krakow Scientific Society. Archaeological Museum of Krakow At first, the main exhibition
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