Friedlein Jan Jerzy Fryderyk

Bookbinder, bookseller, the youngest of the sons of Pastor Karol Fryderyk and Elżbieta Rebecca Sybil. He was born in 1771 in Deuten, and died in 1834 in Kraków. After learning the profession of a bookbinder, Jan Jerzy Fryderyk left his hometown to perfect his profession while traveling around the world, and so in 1796 he reached Krakow and stayed here permanently, giving birth to his family. He got a job in M. Pietrzykowski’s workshop and got into the guild. He established a public reading room on the Main Square, which was closed by Austrians due to the prohibition of reading polish books. When the Austrians were leaving the city, he bought a bookbinding workshop in Kraków and a book store in the Hetman’s tenement house from a Viennese, and soon opened the reading room again. He became the senior of the guild, he enjoyed a good reputation as well as his bookshop and reading room.

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