Family from the Bavarian town of Deutenheim, near Wurzburg. Pastor Karol Fryderyk Friedlein lived there with his wife Elżbieta Rebeka Sibyl née Steinhauserin, they had nine children. The young people went all over the world, but one of them came to Krakow. A family legend said that they were not of German origin, but of Italian origin, who in the 18th century came to Bavaria by an itinerant craftsman named Pacelli, who changed his name to Friedlein.

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On the corner of today’s Krasińskiego and Zwierzyniecka Streets, a suburban manor house was built in 1819 with a small, characteristic storey and a large mansard roof, where Jan III Sobieski stayed in it, so some argue that this date is true. Decorated with the “Eye of Providence” and the
Until 1939, there were 7 consulates in Kraków. These were the Argentine, Austrian, Czechoslovak, Greek, German, Peruvian and Hungarian consulates. Currently, there are the following consulates in Krakow: Montenegro Consulate in Krakow2 Papiernicza street Consulate of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Krakow38 Modrzewiowa street Consulate General of the Empire
He was a politician, lawyer, and social activist living from 1857 to 1938. He was a professor of Roman law at the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv, a member of the Austrian Council of State, governor of Galicia, and a member of the House of Lords. Moreover, a member of
How to find good restaurants in Krakow
Krakow Water Park
Opened in 2000, Krakow Water Park is the biggest public indoor swimming pool in Poland. With over 2000 m2 of swimming pool area, it offers a slide network and plenty of water attractions, such as Rapid River, Hydro Massage and Rock Climbing Walls. Paddling Pool, designed especially for the youngest visitors,
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