Pod Wawelem Mansion

On the corner of today’s Krasińskiego and Zwierzyniecka Streets, a suburban manor house was built in 1819 with a small, characteristic storey and a large mansard roof, where Jan III Sobieski stayed in it, so some argue that this date is true. Decorated with the “Eye of Providence” and the emblem of the peacock. In the days to come, it belonged to the Niedziałkowski family. The owner, Jan Rawicz Niedzialkowski, was the director of municipal construction in Krakow, as well as a co-designer of the City Theater, waterworks, schools, streets and bridges. In the 20th century, it housed the Zygmunt Kaczorowski carriage factory, and later a saddlery workshop. In 1937 the manor house was demolished and in its place the Jubilat Department Store

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