Hans Dürer

Painter, born in Nuremberg, died in Kraków. Brother of the famous painter Albrecht Dürer, who looked after Hans and educated him in his studio for Emperor Maximilian I. He probably stayed in Silesia in the years 1522-1524, where he painted for churches in Wrocław, Nysa and Marszowice. From 1527 he acted as “pictor Regie Maiestatis” – a painter of royal majesty, he received a payment of 1 florin per week and a certain amount of purple linen. In the years 1527-1534, it was listed in the books of accounts for the construction of the royal castle and in the books of Seweryn Boner. He lived at Grodzka st in Kraków, where his studio burned down once. He was painting in Kurza Stopka, as well as other rooms. Although he did a lot of painting work, he died as a poor man in debt.

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