Indermach is a German word used in Krakow to name the apartments located at the back of tenements or even separate buildings located behind them. Tenement, or kamienica in Polish, is an old stone or brick building that abuts similar houses and forms the street frontage.  To reach the indermach you had to enter the tenement through the front door and cross the small yard located inside or behind the building. Usually indermach was housing various workshops, granaries, breweries, stables, pigsties or chicken coops.

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Church of Saints Peter and Paul
Church of Saints Peter and Paul is located at Grodzka Street, between the Krakow Main Square with the Wawel Royal Castle. It was the first structure in Krakow entirely Baroque in style. It was built between 1597 and 1619 under the careful eye of premier Italian architects. Just as most of the Baroque
Cloth Hall
The majestic building in the centre of Krakow’s Main Square – Cloth Hall (Sukiennice in Polish), has stood there for almost seven centuries. It has now become one of the city’s best landmarks. The Cloth Hall has been the heart of the trade in Krakow from city’s very beginning. For centuries it
Krakow Ghetto
Krakow Ghetto was established in 1941 in Podgorze district. It was one of five major, metropolitan Jewish ghettos created by Nazi Germany in the territories of occupied Poland (General Government – Generalne Gubernatorstwo). Before 1939, Krakow was inhabited by around 70.000 Jews, with the vast majority living in the district
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